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University of Oxford

"During my two years of Physics tuition with Andrew, he has been an exceptional teacher and a great support. Working on topics I struggled with was never a daunting matter as Andrew was always very easy to work with. I felt comfortable and okay with making mistakes in our sessions because I knew he’d correct me without making me feel bad about it. He was very understanding
of the stress that comes with A-Levels and would be open to rescheduling if I was too stressed on a day we had a session booked in. My favourite thing about my time with Andrew is that the start of the session always began with a nice conversation, which always settled me before we got into the Physics. Without Andrew, my A* in Physics wouldn’t have been possible…now I’m off to his old Oxford College (Worcester, the best!) to study Biochemistry!"
From a student taught throug an outreach programme, Tutoring to Thrive, to support sixth form students in Southeast London focused on increasing social mobility.

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