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Univeristy of Bath

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March 2023

Andrew Griffiths has home school tutored my two sons in the subject of A-level Physics since August of 2021. He is an extraordinary tutor, and we would highly recommend him.

Andrew was able to teach two years of A-level Physics to my eldest son (W.) in one year with the achievement of an A on the final exam and entry to his first choice of university. During his time with Andrew, W gained confidence, knowledge, and a friend whom he can call upon even at university for advice on his studies or life in general. Andrew was forever patient with W who would continue to ask questions as he digested the material and whose learning style often required redundancy and review. Andrew was instrumental to W’s achievement.

Andrew is organised, uses current technology such as Miro in his teaching methodology, has a work ethic that is incomparable and makes the learning process enjoyable to the students. Andrew not only tutors but often will take on a mentoring roll to guide students in life decisions related to academic choices. He has been our lead tutor often organising schedules, writing letters of recommendation for university applications, and communicating with us clearly if issues arise.

I can only say positive words about Andrew Griffiths.

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